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Test of Bach's Flowers

Please, choose until 9 answers that better describe the current moment of your life. Do it with spontaneity:
1. Do you try to dissimulate your discomfort, attempting to be jovial and pleasant with the other ones?
2. Do you find difficult a lot, to learn new things?
3. Do you feel intimidated and threatened?
4. Cannot you control your anger and do you get angry easily?
5. Don't you support the disorder and the dirt?
6. Are you a very quick person, and don't you support the slowness of the other ones?
7. Does it impede your pride, to maintain more intimate and more satisfactory relationships?
8. Are you bitter because you think that the life has been unjust with you?
9. Does you have the feeling that hidden energy pursue you?
10. Do you sense certain aucontrol, for fear to lose the control?
11. Do you live with few hopes that your status will improve, although you attempt other things?
12. Do you feel certain homesickness that removes your interest from the present or future moment?
13. Do you live insecure and it made you feel inferior fearing the failure?
14. Does it invade suddenly to you a gray cloud that darkens and does it sadden depriving you of all happiness?
15. Does your head like a  "disk that it doesn't stop of turning " with certain pansies?
16. Are you a person that worries excessively about the other ones?
17. Do you change opinion quickly and of frame of mind?
18. Are you crossing important changes in your life and does this unbalance you?
19. Do you need counsel before deciding because you are not sure and always doubt?
20. Do you fake very often to avoid the discussions?
21. You realizes  immediately, the errors and defects of the other ones and you quickly criticizes them.
22. Do you need to learn for not making the same errors?
23. Do you need some stimulant to fulfill the routine?
24. Do you feel suddenly burdened by too many responsibilities, and does it fear that you won't be able to attend them?
25. Are you self-assured and do you try to impose your will to the other ones because you know that they need it?
26. Do you feel disinterested and already few things stir up your interest?
27. Do you feel guilty of something, and cannot you forgive it?
28. Do you have to face a situation that gives you panic?
29. You live a desperate, life-and-death situation and do you not find a way out?
30. Are you too benevolent and helpful with the other ones and do they take advantage of you?
31. Do you fear to face new status or people?
32. Do you fear that anyone abandon you and you shown excessively possessive?
33. Do you speak so much and is it so egocentric that the other ones try to avoid you?
34. Do you live absorbed in your pansies about the future, far from the reality?
35. Do you suffer moments of great pain in your soul that as same as they come they disappear without knowing reason?
36. Are you living waiting better moments to accomplish your dreams?
37. Do you suffer for jealousies, suspicions, hates or envies?
38. Do you lack surety in your own opinion?
39. Do you search distraction or other entertainments to forget your hardships?
40. Cannot you avoid to be afraid before having determined things that they lock you?
41. Do your life rely mainly on the memories?
42. Do you feel excessively influenced by the environment that surrounds you?
43. Are you so impetuous or idealist that due to the effort that you put in what you do, is very difficult to become relaxed?
44. Do you listen to reason easily to accomplish things that in reality you do not wish to do?
45. Don't the nerves allow you to be calm?
46. Do you put so much love and carefulness in their relationships that it is easy to hurt you if you are not corresponded?
47. Do you suspect at once of the bad faith of the other ones?
48. Do you have an exaggerated liking for the clean-up and the order?
49. Do you have the feeling that you are pursued or observed by mysterious forces?
50. You do not bear with people in the world that may be thus.
51. You lack patience and you prefers doing it everything yourself
52. Do you feel lazy and tired, with few desires of making anything?
53. Do you usually feel also responsible for the errors of the other ones?
54. Do you find difficult to concentrate on the conversation and do you get lost, because your mind jumps of here it stops there?
55. Are you an addict to the work and the repose is not allowed for you?
56. Does your "interior continuing dialogue", impeding you to concentrate and even to repose?
57. Have you suffered some trauma and you did not still recovered physical or morally?
58. Do you always maintain a reasonable distance with the other ones and do you prefer to be alone?
59. Are you an ambitious person and do you have problems to give or to receive commands?
60. Do you feel victim of the destination and does this produce you resentment?
61. Do you find difficult to tolerate and to accept different likes and ideas?
62. Do you have little interest about the reality and do you take refuge in the fantasy?
63. Do you make an effort and do you fight without recess to improve every day?
64. Do you believe that your situation have already arrived to the border of the bearable humanly?
65. Do you feel frustrated because you have not still found your commitment in the life?
66. Do you find difficult to say "not"?
67. Do you feel "impure" or imperfect?
68. Do you miss the "last times" often?
69. Do you live absorbed for your work and obligations?
70. Do you deploy great enthusiasm and energy to make understand to the other ones your ideals?
71. Do you live resigned and have you lost the happiness of living?
72. Do you fear to make something that escapes from your control, a madness?
73. Do you believe that you are not at level of the events and do you feel unable to continue?
74. Do you feel exhausted?
75. Are you too exigent with yourself and you not  allow to transgress your own rules?
76. Do you feel traumatized by strongly unpleasant experiences?
77. Do you feel boring, apathetic or do you lack interest for the life?
78. Are you discouraged easily in front of the difficulties?
79. Do you suffer often conscientious accusations?
80. Do you feel even "tied" by past or present links or relationships that impede you to begin again and to become unstuck?
81. Do you live resigned and abandoned to your luck?
82. Do you feel tired and without forces?
83. Do you withdraw of the contact with another people?
84. Do you feel depressed and not very optimistic to endure your responsibility?
85. Don't you support the solitude well, and do you be always searching company to be able to talk?
86. Do you exhort the dear beings continually, so that they "go carefully?"
87. Do you find difficult to decide and to clear up between two possibilities?
88. Do you tend to be pessimistic and to see more the negative side of the things?
89. Are you sacrificed, repressing those things that they can interfere with your search of perfection?
90. Do you have to give example and do you tend to shown yourself strict and severe?
91. Do you suffer terrifying situations as nightmares, sudden illnesses...?
92. Do you lack courage and trust to procure your objectives, and you neither try it for this reason?

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